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She failed her driver’s permit test THREE times!


Taylor Swift Loves Suprises.


Aside from songwriting, Swift also likes to express herself through painting.


Taylor admits that she has “really bad eyesight.”


Taylor is “obsessed” with high heels, but rarely wears them out of fear she’ll fall.


Taylor is more comfortable in dresses than blue jeans and t-shirts.


If Taylor Swift was not singing or songwriting she would be a forensic detective.


Her song 'The Outside' was one of the first song she wrote (she was twelve) and she felt like a complete outcast at school.

Did you know that…

Taylor Swift wrote ‘Love Story’ at home sitting on her bed, it take her 10 minutes.

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Taylor Swift Fact of the Day!

Taylor Swift made a MySpace video about her ex-boyfriend Joe Jonas after he reportedly broke up with her via a phone call, by portraying him with a Camp Rock doll. Taylor’s song “Forever and Always” on her Fearless album is about Joe.